Winter rules:

The following rules apply during the winter period and are in addition to the standard course rules

  • All trolleys must be fitted with hedgehog spikes and winter wheels

  • Smart mats or astro-turf mats must be used on all mown areas of the golf course

  • Players must not start a round at the 12th tee without permission from golf reception

We wiil always try to play on Summer Greens and Tees throughout the winter when the conditions allow.


Frosty conditions:

Any level of frost can cause damage and the onset of disease to the main greens when walked upon. Because of this, if there has been overnight frost there may be a delay to your tee time to allow the ground to thaw and eliminate the risk of damaging the putting surfaces.


Some of the main greens on the back seven holes take longer to become free of frost, as a result we would ask you not to tee off from hole 12 until you have permission to do so.


Please always follow the instructions of greenkeeping staff on when play can start

Course conditions:

Please avoid slow play at all times

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